Erdem Buyukbingol, Ph. D.

Professor of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy (RETIRED)
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Tandogan 06100, Ankara

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Fax: +90
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Skype: ebuyukbingol

Research Interest


We design and synthesize compounds which cannot be found elsewhere!


We discovered several compounds...

Now, it's time for you to discover us!


Our recent work has concentrated on the diverse roles of melatonin, lipoic acid, coEnzyme Q10, and retinoids in terms of their antioxidant capabilities and anticancer activities leading to prevent and/or ameliorate radiation effects. In particular, we are investigating novel derivatives of above molecules as radioprotectors and anticancer compounds.


A problem of primary importance to our group is how to handle the molecular recognition prior to free radical scavenging mechanisms. We have used careful design procedures to obtain novel antioxidant molecules based on melatonin, lipoic acid and retinoids, and computer modeling studies have been employed by constructing a family of appropriate enzyme/receptor models in which dockings have been performed on the basis of hydrogen bonding, electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions.

A general interest in problems in molecular recognition and molecular design has stimulated our more recent work towards understanding the structure and biological action of what properties are more relative to scavenge the reactive oxygen species during the extreme conditions.